RBXII3 Technologies

Welcome to RBXII3 Technologies.

Who are we?

RBXII3 Technologies is the banner for a group of servers hosted by RBXII3.

What do we do?

We offer numerous paid services, as well as free-to-access game servers for Terraria and Minecraft, and a File storage service.

How do we make money?

Our servers and sites are purely run on your donations, as well as the ads on these pages. Our ad server is view-based, not click-based, meaning you just need to see this page for us to get paid.

You can also mine for or send cryptocurrency to the following wallets:

Alternatively, mine Monero for us through your browser at: https://authedmine.com/media/miner.html?key=AgPmbkFqesw0rAQj5pqOwbK0GN4vLQTc